Artisan – ar·ti·san – (är′tĭ-zən, -sən) – from the Latin word artītus, skilled in the arts. (Definition) – An artist; a highly-skilled person in an applied art; a person who provides a service or experience value that requires special or uncommon skills and talents.


WizTickets is the service exchange for all types of web artisans. If you provide a web-based business or service that may have general appeal, but is largely of value to other web-based artisans and business owners… then WizTickets can help you build your online business.

Do you provide services such as web design, copywriting, illustration, SEO, advertising and promotion, logo design, code writing and programming, photography and graphic design, cgi modeling and retouching… to name just a few of the many services that ally you with other web-based artisans who provide their customers with “one piece of the puzzle”, but not the “whole enchilada”… then WizTickets is for you.

WizTickets helps build alliances between artisans where they can buy, earn, sell, swap or trade for the services of fellow artisans so that through working together… the puzzle can be solved and delivered whole and finished. WizTickets ties together these alliances with tickets or credits that have real value and can be bought, earned, sold or traded… the value that WizTickets possess are based on the special type of service or work you provide in a professional manner.

For example, Jack is a copywriter who’s been hired to write blog articles by a client who is depending heavily on his website to rank well in search engines so that he can develop his customer base. Mary is an SEO consultant who’s expertise is knowing all about using keywords effectively. Jack wants Mary’s help to ensure he’s writing the most feature-rich keyword copy so he can enhance his client’s website from an SEO standpoint.

With WizTickets, no money or cash needs to be exchanged. Instead, Jack can use WizTickets he’s acquired (earned or traded for) to pay Mary for her services. In turn, Mary can use the WizTickets she’s earned from Jack to hire another web artisan she may need now or in the future… or she can simply cash out her WizTickets at their full value.

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